The Futaiji temple
 The Futaiji or Futaiten-Horinji temple stands in Horenmachi,Nara.
 The Emperor Heizei,who abdicated the throne in favour of the Emperor Saga in 809 and came to live in Nara,later attempted to ascend it
 again without success. He then moved to the present site of the Futaiji and died in 824.His sonPrince Abocontinued to live there and after
 him his fifth sonAriwara-no-Narihira,who turned it into a temple in 847 in accordance with the Imperial decree,consecrating as the plincipal
 mage the statue of Sho-Kannon made by himself.
 he temple experienced vicissitudes of fortune during its long history of more than eighteen centuries,now a solitary phane in a very deserted
 lace,with dilapidated buildings. At present it is a branch temple of the Saidaiji monastery.

 The Emperor Heizei (774-824)
 Prince Abo (792-842)
 Ariwara-no-Narihira (825-880)

 The HONDO  Muromachi period (14th century)
 TAHOTO PAGODA  Kamakura period(13th century)
 THE SOUTH GATE  Kamakura period(14th century)A.D.1317

 KANNON (HONDO)   Fujiwara epoch(10th century)
  Standing statue.Wooden and coloured.
  Seated statues.Wooden and coloured.

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