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◎.Android-BASIC program GALLARY

This is Android BASIC Free Program and Donate project Program.
■Android-BASIC Free Program when Download Rule
1.Free Program can get to DL.This is free of charge but Push Like Button,Please

■Android-BASIC Donate project program when download Rule
1.Donate project is if you are good at likely,give me ur pay a little for Donate.
I will use my app develop fund.

■Android-BASIC Free Program Basically Developer policy
1.Contributing to the development of useful programs in everyday life

ForExample :Fortune telling ,traffic compute charge fee,

■1. Android Basic Free Program

竹の写真 name:Kyusei Kaiun(九星開運)

このアプリは、Android Basicで動くプログラムで、占いの
九星開運を 求めるプログラムです。誕生日を入れると簡単に九星

This application is a program running on Android Basic, fortune telling starring It is a program we want. When you put in your birthday, I will issue one of them.


竹の写真 name:守り本尊チェッカー

このアプリは、Android Basicで動くプログラムで、