Program Market for BahooRoom

About this WEB page

This WEB site is program Market site.This Target Device is Android OS.We deal Free script and Selling scripts.Selling Script are Donate Projects using.
This script has run Android-Basic program.And I have introduced about Android apps.This apps are my developing apps And I have written Blog it. Thats apps has get to Android Market from on your Android device

■About Blog
I will write to About my Android apps and Android Basic program ,Introduce and other something.

There are my Android Basic free program file and it can DL,and Donate project

About this BLOG

I am going to write Blog every day.

About this GALLERY

1.Introduce About Android my apps

2.Android Basic

About this LINK page

This Link Page is Free.I have waiting Link owners.Please send e-mail

Introduce IRC Room

I have made IRC room in Freenode Server.,Channel:#Android-jp
Language:Japanese And English Channel.I have waiting to new persons in this Channel.


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